Chelsea's mum Louise tells of a mother's worst nightmare and how St John saved her daughter.

One evening, while I was cooking dinner, our daughter Chelsea thought she would be helpful and bring empty glasses from the lounge to the kitchen. After picking up the glasses she caught her foot on the rug and tripped, falling over onto the tray of glasses. The glasses broke and a piece of the broken glass pierced her neck causing intensive bleeding.

We called 111 for an ambulance and held pressure on the wound. I had learnt to do this from a St John First Aid course I had done previously. What seemed like an eternity but was actually only a few minutes when the red and white lights of the ambulance could be seen coming down our driveway. Once the ambulance officers were at the house treating Chelsea, calmness came over me. I knew she was in safe hands and that everything would be OK.

After being treated in hospital and receiving some stiches, Chelsea was released. The scar is fading now and she is not embarrassed about it. I don't know what we would have done if St John had not been able to come to our Chelsea's assistance. Thank you St John for all your work you do in and around the community.

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