Clare Hughes

Our son was 3 days old and he stopped breathing, turned blue and floppy and once stimulated after a few minutes started breathing.  He also was having seizure like movements.  Being first time parents it was the scariest thing that had ever happened to us.  Living 30 minutes out of town, the wait for the ambulance was excruciating! But once the St John Ambulance got there on 22 April 2011, I felt slight relief.   The ambulance team were so calm and sensitive to us being in a panic and I felt my 3 day old baby was in the best hands possible with the best equipment available.  It was a long slow drive into Whangarei Hospital but without these amazing people our son may not be here today.  I have always meant to write and say thank you for the amazing job they did that day.  I will never forget their faces and every time I have seen an ambulance since I get an overwhelming sense of thankfulness for the people that dedicate their lives to helping others like my son.  He is a survivor of Strep B Meningitis.

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