In the beginning of June this year, I was getting ready for the biggest Motor Racing event of the season on the West Coast. Little did I know, that my first race could possibly be my last.

I had gone through my race with a few knocks and bumps as usual, and my head was getting sore, and I knew from experience that this was a bad sign, I thought "once I get into the Pits, I'll go and get checked over." But I didn't get that far. 

The red light came out, and I stopped, but didn't check my mirrors, and the person in the car behind me, didn't see the red light, or me for that matter, and crashed right into the back of my car. 

My head flew forward and smacked back into my seat so fast I couldn't tell what had happened, the next thing I felt was Pain, and my vision had gone all funny, I couldn't feel my feet, and had pins & Needles in my fingers. I knew that this was going to be the end of my race day instantly.

The next thing I remember is the St John Crew taping my helmet and head to the back of my seat, and my mum telling me that I'll be okay.

When the crew and 6 helpers got my out of my car and got my gear off me, (an hour and a half later) I was taken to Buller Hospital for x-rays, and then onto Grey Base Hospital for more scans and X-Rays. 

I really appreciated the help I received from St John, if I hadn't have had the help I received, I would be sharing a very different story today.

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