Harvey & Jean from San Diego, California, USA

The contribution is given in thanks for the excellent care provided by Ambulance Drivers Rob and Kate on the afternoon of 17 Feb 2014 when responding to the emergency call for injuries sustained by my wife Jean following a bicycle accident on the River Trail from Alexandre to Clyde. 

Rob & Kate were both extremely professional and supportive while providing her the care she required, and went over and above in comforting her until she could be safely transported to the physician's office. 

In addition to the excellent emergency medical care they provided, they were strong advocates in making sure she received the best and most appropriate medicare available.  Had it not been for their advocacy it was quite likely that my wife might have been diagnosed and treated for a far less serious injury that she actually sustained. 

As it turned out, her injury was quite serious and required major complicated surgery upon her return to the U.S.  She is recovering quite nicely and I am sure that this is in part due to Rob's continued urging that she be referred for and x-ray of the leg.  They were truly patient's advocates in addition to being extremely competent Ambulance Drivers. 

Finally, the gift is also given in thanks for the excellent services provided by our Ambulance Driver, Linda, who drove us from Alexandre to Dunedin Hospital to the soft accompaniment of Simon & Garfunkle's music.  The music was comforting and served to relax my wife during the painful 3 hour evening transport.  She was a very competent driver and compassionate person. Most Americans tend to think that we have the best of everything.  The medical care provided my wife during the 6 days she was under the care of the New Zealand health system, from ambulance pick-up to hospital discharge, could not have been better in the U.S. (or anywhere else for that matter).  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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