While I was in labour with my second daughter we believed we had hours ahead of us. So it was a shock when my waters broke in our bathroom and it became obvious that baby was on her way, and it was up to my husband to deliver her.

The St John ambulance dispatcher talked my husband through what to do, helping to keep us both calm.

Baby was already head out when the St John officers arrived, and I will never forget their two faces appearing in the doorway. They encouraged my husband to stay where he was, whilst keeping a watchful eye on proceedings. 

The St John officer's good-humour and professionalism was unforgettable. They made me feel like having a baby on the bathroom floor was all so normal.

Our daughter was completely unconcerned by her entrance to the world, and in the end it was a pleasure to share a special moment with the staff of St John who were respectful, kind and supportive throughout it all.

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