Kath and Lee from Waiuku

Yesterday, Sunday 12th January 2014, my husband Lee had to have an ambulance called as he was having severe chest pain and an extremely sore arm. My friends came up to assess as one is a St John medic, and he decided an ambulance was essential. My hubby, who doesn't scare easily, realised just how serious his condition was. The ambulance arrived and the St John officers were brilliant!! They were thorough, they were compassionate, answered questions from my 12 year old son, and explained everything in laymans terms making it easier for myself, husband and children, to understand what was happening and why it was necessary for them to take him to Hospital. The outcome is Lee had a heart attack. A serious one which didn't appear too serious to him because of his diabetes. He's in Middlemore hospital now, and has had the dye put through which has unblocked all but one arteries, which is able to be treated with medication. He's on new diabetic medication and is going to change his lifestyle. This has scared him and me, and we realise just how one incident can completely change a person/people. I would like to say to the two ambulance officers who attended my husband yesterday a huge thank you for everything. You were both just totally amazing, even laughing at his jokes. You made the process of what was happening a lot easier on us than you probably realise. I never knew St John relied on donations and fundraising. With the things these guys have to go through doing a job they obviously enjoy with the added benefit of helping ill people, it totally amazes me they are voluntary. You all deserve medals. Thank you once again. You guys rock!
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