Lana from Auckland

My elderly mum thought she'd have a piece of left over Christmas ham about an hour ago.  She lives downstairs and we suddenly heard this dreadful wheezing, she was choking.  My neighbour (our ANGEL - Bronnie) arrived and we tried to do the Heimlich movement but it wasn't working.  Mum was blue, struggling and then just couldn't breathe went limp and collapsed.  

My son 14yo phoned St John as I was doing this, he has just completed his first aid certificate with you a month ago and responded incredibly well in such an awful experience.  Bryden and Luke, from one of your units was with us literally in minutes, and their swift action is the only reason Mum is still with us.  We possibly had less than 2 minutes left. They reacted so fast, calmly and with amazing precision, they quite simple have ensured that Mum gets to be with us in 2014.

Thank you both so very very very much.  Our family cannot express our gratitude enough.  Mum has had an alternative personal alarm system to date, but as of today we are changing to St John.  You are a team of heroes!!  You are our heroes. You are Mum's Heroes.

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