Michael Galvin

Actor, Shortland Street

“I remember walking past a bar in Wellington when I was at drama school back in the 90s. A very bad fight had just finished. There was one drunken guy on the ground with blood pouring out of his head and another drunken guy being restrained from causing him more damage by a bouncer. The St John Ambos arrived, a young man and an older woman, and went straight to the guy on the ground who immediately tried to pick a fight with them. The way they dealt with him was so impressive: very calm and patient and not at all provoked by his irrational anger. And all the while the other guy was abusing them. It was all pretty ugly, but the grace under fire of the St John staff was something to behold. Nobody was thanking them for it - let alone the guy whose life they were saving. I only hope when he sobered up he gave them a decent apology and expressed an appropriately large amount of gratitude.”

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