I was visiting Timaru this weekend and whilst there I had a mishap whilst cutting down a tree; Even though one plans for the worst and hopes it never eventuates; Murphy's law sometimes intervenes; and in this case it did. After extracting myself from the situation I was not in any space to appreciate the severity of my injuries; fortunately my colleagues had contacted the St John Ambulance service who arrived very promptly;

I don't recall a lot of the time spent in the back of the ambulance but what I do recall is the way your officers made me feel at ease and allayed any fears I may have had; Their mannerisms were excellent and in this situation they were extremely appreciated;  I felt privileged to have been able to get the immediate care and transport to a health care facility from a fantastic service. 

With front line officers like the two I came across in your service this must make the service very proud indeed. As a health care provider myself and former ambulance officer of years gone past I have nothing but praise for your front line officers and the service that is provided.

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