Pauline Angus

Pauline Angus has the best of both worlds: she works for ASB and volunteers for St John.

Pauline is a Senior Customer Service Officer at ASB Northlands in Christchurch. She has worked there for five years. She also volunteers for St John as Events volunteer and has done so for two years.

Pauline first heard about volunteering for St John when a St John staff member came and talked to her branch a few years ago. “He talked to us about what St John does as an organisation and what we, as the public, can do to help. He mentioned becoming a volunteer, and we had the opportunity to put our names forward to do an observer shift.”

Pauline subsequently did an observation shift with intensive care paramedic Craig Stockdale in a rapid response vehicle. “The shift began at 5.45pm on Saturday night and before I knew it, it was 6.30am on Sunday morning. It was a truly amazing night, very inspirational and I was in awe of the incredible work that St John do.

“From there, there was no looking back; I put my name forward to be a volunteer.”

Currently Pauline is an Event volunteer, “but I would like to extend that to Ambulance shifts in the future. I enjoy being part of an incredible team of people that want to help and care for others.” She says she is learning so much due to the knowledge and experience of supportive staff, both paid and unpaid, “not to mention the friendships that I am building and the fun that we have”.

Pauline says that becoming a volunteer has “most definitely” changed her perception of St John. “Until you get involved with St John you don’t realise how little you know about the organisation and what a very important part they play in saving the lives of many.”

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