Rachel Wise

Rachel Wise and her horse Gladys, whose antics led to Rachel calling on St John Ambulance for help

I recently had the privilege of being picked up and dusted off by Hawke's Bay's St John Ambulance and the Accident and Emergency Department at Hawke's Bay (Soldiers' Memorial) Hospital.

It's a service most of us don't pay much attention to unless we need it.
In my job, I have often seen St John Ambulance staff at work and I have never stopped admiring them for what they do and the efficient and caring way they do it.

So when it was my turn to call an ambulance, I knew I would be in safe hands.

When you are in pain- even when you know it's not life threatening-there's nothing like the sight of that big white "bus" to raise your spirits.

The paramedics who came to my aid quickly established that while I had a bone or two broken, my sense of humour was still intact, so they joked with me to keep me positive while they wrangled me onto a stretcher and into the ambulance, where they administered TLC and pain relief in equal doses.

I have no idea where these people come up with such patience. I kept waiting for them to say, "For goodness' sake, it's just a broken collarbone!".

The A&E department continued the care-those nurses are special people as well-and it was topped off by a volunteer from the "Friends of the Emergency Department’ who made sure my family had seats and a hot cuppa while they waited.

We're lucky people here in Hawke's Bay to have these services, and I will be donating to St John Ambulance in appreciation. But I really hope I don't have to see my nice paramedic’s again-not for a long time!

Story and photo courtesy Hastings Leader

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