Sarah Mcdonald

Three years ago on the 24th of March 2010, I had finished school early so Dad picked my sister and I up and I had some money to go and buy lunch and Dad had wanted me to go get him a couple of things. The weather that day was dreadful.

I was waiting by the local newspaper office because our New World supermarket was only across the road. So I am waiting for quite a while for the traffic to pass because I was right near a main street. Finally I ran across when I couldn't see any more cars then all of a sudden, THUD! I had been hit by a car that I didn't see coming.

From what my Dad told me, Id been hit, somersaulted in the air three times, bashed my head on another car parked on the side of the road and landed on my backside. All I remember was saying "I need an ambulance now", and that's unusual for me because I'm quite scared of going to hospital in the ambulance.

I was really relieved when the ambulance had come and they helped me off the road and into the ambulance and they took me to hospital. I suffered a fractured left arm, several sores and bruises and short term memory loss because at that time, I couldn't tell the paramedics where I was or what day it was etc. I am thankful to St John Westport that I am still alive today because a serious accident like that, a lot of people don't come out of it that easy.

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