Tessa from Christchurch

Thank you for saving another life today.

This morning our storeman was suffering, from what he thought was angina, I rung the ambulance and got a very nice lady who was calm and clear on all of her questions and very detailed.

Luckily the ambulance got here only 6 minutes from when I got off the phone as he was going down hill again, we are on the edge of town so the response time was very impressive!

They were quick and concise, got him breathing properly and into the ambulance so efficiently. He was so lucky - they rung half an hour later to tell us he was having a heart attack and was going into surgery asap.

If St John hadn't got here as fast as they did and he had taken a turn for the worst I don't know what any of us would have done. A first aid course only prepares you for so much, it's always so different when it happens to you.

Thank you for saving another life today.

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