Tim Lambourne

Presenter and Producer TVNZ

When I was 15 I embarked on an adventure that many North Island human beings may be familiar with: Whangamata for New Years.

With raging hormones and nowhere to put them, so to speak, I did what many teenagers do around that time: steal vodka cruisers and try to get drunk because you think it's really cool and you don't really know any better and you are new to alcohol and you drink too much and…You can probably guess where the story goes from there. I woke up in the domain vomiting what I thought was blood, (turns out it was raspberry vodka cruiser) being cared for by an incredibly nice and patient St John officer.  I was lucky to be found when I was, and to be helped by such wonderful people who had given up their time to deal with the worst group of people on the planet: drunk teenagers.

This isn’t a rant about New Zealand's binge drinking culture, but rather an acknowledgement of how incredible and important St John are to this country. 

Whatever they might think about the gnarlier sides of humanity, they get on with doing their job: saving lives.

We're incredibly fortunate to live in a country with a group of people like St John.

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