My daughter has been unwell for some time.  We completed a 70km tramp from Pelorus to Lake Chalice and she was in tip/top condition and feeling good.  Following that her health got steadily worse.  We took her to the doctor ( I had to carry her in) who gave her three prescriptions and sent us away.  The prescriptions had a side-effect of drowsiness and so she became worse and her condition deteriorated. 

At 53 years of age, I have never called 111 or spent a day in hospital, but her condition got to the point where I made my first 111 call.  We now know that is she is a type I diabetic and was at death's door suffering from DKA.

The  St John staff who attended, including the 111 operator were highly professional, caring and effective.  They quickly realised what was wrong, checked her condition, starting treatment and got her to hospital quickly.

She will make a full recovery.  Thanks to all at St John - I cannot praise the efforts of the people involved too much.

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