Mother of 3

My everyday life was all about high heels, perfume and a busy job.

Wendy - Mother of 3 Like most people, I was so busy rushing around that I rarely stopped to think about what I’d do if I got sick or had an accident.

Nothing had really seemed out of the ordinary on the day I needed help from St John. Suddenly alone and in the evening, I felt unwell. I became breathless, and my heart started to race. It seemed impossible to get enough air. It was like a voice in my head telling me something was wrong and I needed help.

By the time I dialled 111, I could barely speak, it felt surreal. It was hard to believe it was all really happening, even as my heart raced and my chest tightened. Emergency staff on the 111 call told me to turn on the lights and open the door. Every breath was a chore but I tried to keep calm. I remember sitting at the bottom of the stairs, just staring out the door, waiting for help. The next few minutes waiting for the ambulance felt like an eternity.

Once St John medics assessed the situation and reassured me, they moved me into the lounge to be more comfortable. They gave me some oxygen and then checked me out with a heart monitor. My heart was in fibrillation. It took three days to recover in hospital.

If I hadn't called St John, if I'd just gone to bed, that would have been it. I wouldn't have woken up the next day. And I've got too much to live for.

Wendy, Mother of 3

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