Mollie from Tauranga

Story: 2010 I fell on steps Broke my Lower right leg in 2 places while also damaging my inner knee as well I was in Taupo visiting my son when the accident happened.

An ambulance was called I was taken to Taupo hospital then Rotorua hospital then Auckland as the damage was huge where I had a 5 hour op putting in pins plates and rods then back to Tauranga hospital with a long recovery in that time I was so looked after by St John I was lucky they were wonderful even allowing me to use their mobile phone to contact my sister in Tauranga on the way home (2 ladies) just a big thankyou from me sorry no photo or video plus I am from the senior citizens in my early 70s. Technology for us, well still learning.  Thanks heaps keep up the great work you are skilled lovely special people.

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