St John offers expert first aid advice about specific emergency response situations. For example, what to do if a fellow worker received an eye injury.

A timber mill accident

You are working at a timber mill. While operating a wood-shredding machine, a fellow worker is struck in the eye by a large wood splinter (he wasn’t wearing eye protection).

When assessing the patient you observe:

  • He is obviously in pain, holding a hand over one eye
  • He has a large wood splinter in his eye

Model response


  • Eye protection should be worn whenever eyes are at risk

First aid management of eye injury

  • Eye injuries should not be treated lightly
  • Remember that you may damage the sight if you interfere with injured eyes
  • Do not touch the coloured part of the eye

Signs and symptoms

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Watering


  • All eye injuries MUST be referred for medical attention immediately - call 111 ask for an ambulance

First aid kits and supplies
Accidents happen. Having the right first aid kit for your work or home environment is the best way to be ready for an emergency.
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