Harnessing potential in our rangatahi through first aid, leadership and wellbeing

As poipoi means to nurture and grow, the kaupapa of this programme is about harnessing the potential of rangatahi (young people) through nurturing them to grow as future first aiders and rangatira (leaders) in their communities.

Programme participants and Hato Hone St John facilitator carrying a person on a stretcher during a casualty simulation exercise.

What is Poipoia te Pitomata?

Poipoia te Pitomata (Harnessing Potential) is a rangatahi leadership programme designed to reach our more vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, and gift them the knowledge of self-awareness through identity and leadership. Rangatahi learn first aid and advanced first aid skills to be able to lead with confidence within their whānau and hapori (community), as well as tools and techniques around their own wellbeing that will enhance their pillars of hauora (wellbeing).

The programme is broken up into four days, with each day having its own emphasis:
Rangatiratanga - Leadership journeys through identity and abilities
Āwhina Tuatahi - Level 1 First Aid training
Hauora o te Tinana - Physical health through advanced first aid scenarios
Whātuia te Waiora - Wellbeing strategies

Poipoia te Pitomata is delivered and driven by the right kaupapa, the right facilitators, and the right environment. It adopts Te Ao Māori practices to ensure our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi is upheld, weaving through Te Reo Māori, and understanding that each culture has a different world view.

Who facilitates the programme?
A primary facilitator ensures the running of the programme, keeping connections and interactions positive and respectful, and encourages new relationships. The primary facilitator does all these things by way of leading the first day around leadership and identity.
A First Aid Tutor facilitates and assesses the Level 1 First Aid course, who can easily relate and ensure engagement through interactive and understandable delivery.
Hauora o te Tinana extends knowledge and skills from the First Aid course and simulates a major incident scenario.
Whātuia te Waiora is facilitated by a Hato Hone St John Community Educator.

All programme facilitators are respectful, aware, and understand that we achieve engagement through positive messaging and interactions.

Who is Poipoia te Pitomata for?
Programme participants are identified through school networks, Youth organisations, iwi and hapori. We deliver to rangatahi between the ages of 14 – 25, and predominantly of Māori/Pasifika descent, however we deliver to all rangatahi from all backgrounds.

“I didn’t just gain the basic first aid skills that you would at any other course. I gained confidence in myself. Being able to put my hand up and say ‘yes’. I gained more experience for my future career path. That means a lot to a young person.”
Jazmine, Poipoia te Pitomata participant

A group of programme participants and Hato Hone St John facilitators smiling with an ambulance and St John van in the background.

Inā kei te mōhio koe ko wai koe, i anga mai koe i hea,
kei te mōhio koe ke te anga atu ki hea
If you know who you are and where you are from, then you will know where you are going

Four young people performing CPR on manikins with a Hato Hone St John facilitator in the background.

What is the cost?
There is no cost to participants, however we appreciate koha to help us further our mahi in communities.

To make an enquiry
For more information get in touch with Desiré Morris, Poipoia te Pitomata Lead: desire.morris@stjohn.org.nz