Research - St John.

We provide information and advice for those who plan to undertake research projects that may involve or be in collaboration with St John staff, patients and/or facilities.

 All proposed interventional / observational research and related activity must be registered with St John.

All proposals must have received ethical approval (where this is required) and have completed the St John locality authorisation process before permission will be given to commence.

This is specified to manage the risk and use of resources, especially where this involves staff or patients.

Research at a national level (i.e. including both St John and Wellington Free Ambulance) may be reviewed jointly by the services.


The Clinical Audit and Research Team (

Verity Todd

Clinical Research Fellow (BSc, PhD)

Bridget Dicker

Head of Clinical Audit and Research (BSc, PhD)

Verity and Bridget’s roles are to facilitate links between St John and researchers, provide advice, facilitate research, educate and promote ethical research conduct. Verity and Bridget also support the subsequent dissemination of results with the expectation that knowledge gained from all aspects of research will ultimately be used to maximise patient and community healthcare outcomes.  Co-design of research projects is preferred, and researchers are encouraged to engage with Bridget and Verity during project development.

Email Bridget and Verity on

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