“I called, you answered, and I lived. Thank you. Centuries of service and still you were there” - Annual Appeal Donor

Welcome to the St John Heart of Gold Annual Appeal landing page. On this page, you will find four gold buttons above. Donate gives you access to the donation funnel link. Resources for Toolkits and assets. TVCs and video for the TV commercial and the Contact us button.

The heart represents the essence of life. As an emblem, it has inherently warm and caring connotations. The term ‘heart of gold’ reflects the spirit of St John and the good the organisation does in the community. It encompasses the idea of medical assistance as well as our broader community initiatives. It invites everyone who contributes to feeling like they too have a heart of gold.  The patchwork within the heart represents the many communities St John serves and positions St John as part of the fabric of our country.

The 2021 Heart of Gold Annual Appeal aims to ask Kiwis to support St John to raise vital funds for Ambulances and Lifesaving equipment.

As you know St John comes to the lifesaving aid of people throughout New Zealand, from our largest cities to remotest rural areas. It provides emergency ambulance services to nearly 90% of New Zealanders in 97% of the country’s geographic locations.

St John is a charity and its frontline ambulance services are only partially funded. This means that each year, St John must rely on the generosity of the public to ensure it continues to deliver its crucial life-saving work throughout the country.

As we learned last year, there is no guaranteeing that the relative safety and freedom we’re enjoying in NZ will continue. As we head into autumn 2021, the funding of our core emergency ambulance service remains reliant on the generosity of donations from the public.

So, spread the message far and wide, let all your friends and whanau know to show their hearts of gold by donating to the St John Heart of Gold Annual Appeal online at heartofgold.org.nz, by calling 0800 ST JOHN, or at any ASB branch.

Please note that St John does not operate emergency ambulance services in the Wellington or Wairarapa regions.

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