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The GoodSAM app is now available in New Zealand, supported by St John, Wellington Free Ambulance and the National Cardiac Network. Imagine you were off-duty and someone near to you suffered a cardiac arrest. You were in a position to respond and help, but just needed to be alerted. Wouldn't you want to know? Well, now you can.

Outcomes from cardiac arrest are best when the patient receives immediate CPR and defibrillation within the first five minutes. Emergency services can’t always arrive within five minutes, but it is likely that someone who knows how to perform CPR and use an AED is nearby and just unaware that they are close to a patient in cardiac arrest.

The GoodSAM app

The GoodSAM app is a free app that alerts people that a patient suspected to be in cardiac arrest is nearby, allowing them to possibly save a life by providing CPR and using an AED (if available) prior to emergency services arriving.

The app was developed in the United Kingdom and has been implemented by a number of ambulance services around the world.

How the app works GoodSAM Screenshot

People who know how to perform CPR and use an AED, and who are prepared to voluntarily respond to a patient suspected to be in cardiac arrest, are able to register as a ‘responder’ on the website and download the app on their phone.

If a GoodSAM responder is within 1000 metres of a suspected cardiac arrest they will receive an alert via their phone giving them the opportunity to respond. The app also shows responders the location of the incident and the known closest AEDs.

The more people who download the app, the more coverage we will achieve across New Zealand and the more likely we are to improve outcomes from cardiac arrest. 

How to sign up as a responder 

1. Make sure you have a clear photo of your drivers license or passport for uploading.

2. Follow this link in your web browser:

3. Under verifying organization select "New Zealand: Public". 

4. By signing up you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

5. Download the responder app from Google Play, Apple, or  Microsoft and use the email address and password that you have just registered with on the website to log-in.

6. Once you’ve been verified and are logged in successfully, update your profile.

7. If you own a Defibrillator, you can register this and its public access location in the “Defibrillator” section in the App. 

8. Find more FAQ's here, or for further assistance please contact

9. Find the user guide here

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