Privacy Policy notice

This Statement describes our full Privacy Policy and tells you:

  • how we use information you give us through this website 
  • what personal information and health information we collect, use, share and disclose in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993, Health Information Code 1994 and Emergency Services Caller Location Code
  • how to contact us if you have questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy
  • how we use cookies.

When do we collect information?
We collect personal information and health information when you:

  • or somebody else, on your behalf makes a request for help often through an emergency 111 call
  • are treated or cared for by us
  • correspond with us
  • engage with us for a service or product
  • fill in an online form
  • give us a donation or somebody else on your behalf give us a donation
  • join our Supporter Scheme

Monitoring calls
We monitor and record calls we receive through the 111 emergency call centre and our customer service 0800 numbers.

When you visit this website, we may use automated tools and methods (such as cookies and sessions) to collect certain information about your visit, including:  the internet protocol address and domain name used by your computer to connect to the internet; the operating system and the browser your computer uses, and any search engine or inbound hyperlink used to reach this website;

  •  the date, time, and duration of your visit; and the pages viewed by you.

This information may be used to analyse how this website is being used.  Except as set out in this privacy notice and privacy policy, we do not disclose any information except in aggregate form. We may gather more extensive information if we are concerned, about abnormal website usage patterns or website security breaches.

What is your personal information and health information used for?
If you or somebody else, on your behalf, chooses to give us personal information and your health information we will use that information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993, Health Information Code 1994 and Emergency Services Caller Location Code to improve the quality and safety of our care and services and we use it for:

  • helping to identify you;
  • your treatment and care;
  • recording your health status;
  • monitoring the quality of our treatment and care;
  • providing you with information, services and products you have asked for;
  • contacting you about our improved services and products;
  • responding to your requests, inquiries, complaints or applications:
    • administration of your account;
    • training and education;
    • clinical research where we have ethical approval;
    • to invite you to participate in surveys, provide feedback, fundraising, Supporter Scheme, events and similar promotions;
    • prevention and detection of fraud;
    • compliance with our legal obligations, resolution of disputes, and enforcement of our agreements
    • to improving and updating this website.

Caller location information
If you or somebody else, on your behalf, makes an emergency 111 call from a mobile device, we collect, store, use and disclose information on the probable location of the caller to help us respond in accordance with the ‘Telecommunications Information Privacy Code 2003’
If you would like more information on the caller location system, please select the below links;

Do we share your personal and health information?
We follow the rules and guidance of the Privacy Act 1993, the Health Information Code 1994 and Emergency Services Caller Location Code on when and why we may share or disclose personal information and health information with others, your close family, your medical practitioners, health care professionals, health centres and hospitals.

We may share your personal information and health information in the following ways:

  • you, or somebody else on your behalf, consents or asks us not to;
  • we believe on reasonable ground that it is not practicable to get your consent and we need to share health information with the hospital or medical centre treating and caring for you to prevent a serious threat to your life and your health;
  • we may share personal information in order to respond to or comply with any law, regulation, subpoena or court order;
  • we may transfer your personal information to other countries for processing, support, storage and other necessary activities and by using our services and products you consent to the transfer of information to countries outside New Zealand which may have different personal data protection rules than in New Zealand.  If we do this in this way, we will take steps to ensure that your privacy continues to be protected according to New Zealand privacy law.
  • your personal information may be accessible to our contracted service providers and suppliers, which assist us with producing and delivering our products and services, operating our business, and marketing, promotion and communications.

Data security
We use a variety of data security measures intended to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your personal and health information.

Future changes
We continue to evolve as we introduce new services and features to this site. From time to time we may update this Privacy Notice and our Privacy Policy and amend it to reflect changes in legislation, industry codes or in our operations. Our Privacy Policy is available on request from the Privacy Officer.

Access to your personal information
You can ask for access to and corrections of your personal information and health information that we hold by writing or emailing us.  We may ask you to verify your identity.

Any requests for access should be made to:

The Privacy Officer
St John
T 0800 785 646

Resolving problems related to your privacy
If you want to report a suspected breach of your privacy or you do not agree with a decision regarding access to your personal information, please contact us. We have an internal dispute resolution process to address such issues and will promptly acknowledge and investigate complaints.

Any enquires or complaints can be made direct to the relevant St John station or through the Privacy Officer whose contact details are:

The Privacy Officer
T 0800 785 646

If you are not satisfied with our final decision you can direct your complaint to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner - phone toll free 0800 80 39 09 or by mail to PO Box 466, Auckland.

If you would like to change your privacy preferences please click here.

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