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This year you may see people wearing a patchwork gold heart pin if they donated over $5 to the street appeal. This heart represents the essence of life. As an emblem it has inherently warm and caring connotations. The term ‘heart of gold’ reflects the spirit of St John and the good the organisation does in the community. It encompasses the idea of medical assistance as well as St Johns broader community initiatives. It invites everyone who contributes to feel like they too have a heart of gold.  The patchwork within the heart represents the many communities St John serves and positions St John as part of the fabric of our country.

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On the resources page you will find downloadable resources such as posters, certificates, quiz questions, decorations, colouring-in competition, stickers and more.

What's going on
Click on the what's going on button to see social media posts from us and from our supporters on all the activity happening during our Annual Appeal around New Zealand. If you have photos to share with us, tag us on Facebook (@StJohnNewZealand) or send them to us using the contact us button.

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Check back here at the start of April to view this year's TVCs.

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