Giving you or a special family member the support and confidence to keep living an independent life.

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St John Medical Alarms give you freedom and peace of mind knowing access to expert care is available at the touch of a button.

Call center staff member on the phoneDirect connection to Hato Hone St John

At the touch of a button, the wearer can talk to a person in our monitoring response centre who will organise help if needed.

Medical alarm expert showing how to use a medical alarmHome and mobile options

This gives the wearer independence and confidence to do the things they enjoy.

Happy medical alarm customerWaterproof

Know that help is nearby if the wearer has a medical event or fall in the bath or shower.


How medical alarms work

Showing how a medical alarm works to the family

Push the button

This activates the alarm and notifies us.


Portable medical alarmConnect directly to us

So, there's easier access when it comes to getting care.


Portable medical alarmGet the help you need

Our team will call you, assess the situation and arrange the most appropriate assistance. This may be an ambulance, a paramedic in a smaller vehicle, another emergency service or expert advice.

How to get a medical alarm

We have different plans available. It's best to talk to our team about your situation so we can discuss the best plan to suit you. We can also arrange a free trial for you. Call us on 0800 50 23 23 and we'll be happy to help.

You may also be eligible for government funding.

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Healthcare professionals patient referral

Primary healthcare professionals can refer their patients directly through their PMS via Healthlink or ERMs. Secondary healthcare professionals can refer online.


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Why should I choose a St John Medical Alarm over other providers?

Here are some of the top reasons:

  • We are New Zealand's leading medical alarm provider, and are the alarms that doctors prefer to recommend*
  • We have the only medical alarms that connect directly to us
  • We have a range of alarms to suit your needs
  • Ambulance costs for emergency transports are covered, even if the ambulance was called as a result of a 111 call rather than from the alarm, and includes ambulance attendance to any location in NZ
  • One of our representatives will do an in-home demonstration with you to show you how the alarm works
  • We'll come and do a yearly check-in
  • By choosing one of our medical alarms, you are also helping to support our essential services

*Clarity Insight survey, 2022

How much does it cost?

Please give us a call on 0800 50 23 23 and we can discuss the best alarm plan for your needs.

We can also provide information about medical alarm funding from Work and Income through the Disability Allowance.

How does an alarm work in an emergency?

No matter the type of alarm, they all follow the same basic principles. If you need help, push the button on your alarm. We'll call you back and talk to you through the alarm to confirm that you need help.

If you do need help, we'll organise the most appropriate help for your situation and location, whether this be your home or anywhere within cellular coverage (Mobile Alarm only).

The most appropriate help for your situation could include an ambulance, a paramedic in a smaller vehicle, another emergency service, or expert advice.

Our expert advice is given by a specialist team of registered nurses and paramedics sitting in our Clinical Communications Centres whose job it is to carry out detailed clinical assessments over the phone.

Where appropriate, we may also notify your preferred carer or a family member.

What is the free trial period all about?

A free trial period is offered to experience the benefits of an alarm before committing to any rental plan. A representative will do an in-home demonstration and explain how the alarm works.

During the free trial period you'll receive the full benefits of the service including emergency ambulance services if needed, at no cost to you.

If you decide after the trial that the alarm is not right for you, we'll take it back, no questions asked, and you won't pay a cent.

Find out more and see free trial terms and conditions.

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