As an essential emergency service, St John is continuing to operate our emergency ambulance operations and Patient Transfer Services at all alert levels in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our emergency ambulance service continues to operate as normal.

Our ambulance officers may be wearing personal protection equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves. This is to keep the public and our officers safe.

Processes around emergency ambulance transportation of patients to hospital have been updated, and it may not be possible for family members to travel with the patient. This is to keep families and health workers safe.

We are working very closely with the Ministry of Health and we recommend you follow their guidelines and advice about keeping yourself and others safe.

Visit to learn the simple steps you can take to unite against COVID-19 and slow its spread.

If you are feeling unwell, call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice and information. This is a free, dedicated COVID-19 number that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As part of our comprehensive pandemic plan we are prioritising:

  • Protecting our people (so we can continue to be there for the public)
  • Making sure we can maintain delivery of critical services
  • Continuing to provide services to the community to the best of our ability.

Our Customer Service Centre continues to operate from Monday 8.30 am – 5.00 pm Monday – Sunday. Please contact our team for any enquiries regarding community health services and first aid classes in your area. The team now have 30 people working to support the National Healthline and are making around 2,000 outbound calls a day.

If you have any questions, you can email the team at or call 0800 ST JOHN (0800 785 646) between 8:30am-5pm Monday to Friday, and 8:30am-12:30pm Saturday.

Is the St John emergency ambulance response affected?

We are here to step forward and help the country and, as an essential emergency service, St John is well positioned to respond to a pandemic like COVID-19.

We continue to provide emergency ambulance services throughout New Zealand. St John triages all 111 calls to determine the urgency of the patient's condition. We aim to send the most appropriate ambulance to the patient in greatest need as soon as possible.

St John ambulance officers frequently deal with infectious diseases and to protect our patients and our people, we follow best practice clinical guidelines, including wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when attending patients with suspected COVID-19.  

We will continue to ensure contaminated surfaces and equipment are cleaned or safely disposed of in biohazard bags and keep the ambulance environment as safe as possible for patients and staff.  

Is there any impact on hospital Patient Transfer Services?

St John continues to operate its Patient Transfer Services. Our drivers are following Ministry of Health guidelines to keep patients and themselves safe. This includes increased hygiene and cleaning in our vehicles such as wiping of seats, door handles and steering wheel.

Is my St John First Aid course still running?

In-class courses are still running, including courses in the Auckland region. However, we will continue our focus on health and safety. This includes maintaining social distancing, and following good hygiene and sanitisation practices to ensure you feel comfortable in your learning environment.

  • Hand sanitiser will be readily available to participants
  • You will not be required to breathe into the manikins

You are welcome to bring along your own face mask and wear it in class.

If you feel at all unwell or have a cough on the day of the course, please support our efforts to protect others and reschedule your course for another day (free of charge).

While our standard terms and conditions state there are no refunds for First Aid courses, you can swap to a later date and/or location free of charge.

Is my St John Medical Alarm affected?

For customers within the Auckland region:

  • Equipment testing and troubleshooting will happen over the telephone rather than in person.
  • If a visit to someone’s home is required, we will manage all requirements without entering the property, unless absolutely necessary, to keep our customers safe. Our team will provide you with instructions before our representative arrives at your property.
  • We will take extra care with clients who feel unwell and help them take appropriate action such as calling Healthline, their GP or a family member.
  • We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as necessary.

 For customers outside the Auckland region:

  • Equipment testing and troubleshooting will continue as normal, with St John staff following appropriate social distancing and health and safety practices. In some cases, staff may interact and manage testing and troubleshooting over the telephone rather than in person.
  • When visiting a customer’s home, we will manage all requirements, maintaining social distancing and undertaking safe hygiene practices to keep our customers and staff safe. Our team will provide you with instructions before our representative arrives at your property.
  • We will take extra care with clients who feel unwell and help them take appropriate action such as calling Healthline, their GP or a family member.
  • We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as necessary.
What about St John services at Events?

Our National Event Health Services Team are open for bookings and enquiries via or 0800 4 EVENTS.

Whilst a a significant volume of events are likely to be postponed or cancelled at Level 2/3 there are a number that are still able to operate either due to low numbers or approved industry specific guidelines. Cancellations secondary to COVID will attract no cancellation fees.

Can I still use St John Health Shuttles?

Health Shuttles are operating throughout the country with increased health and safety measures such as mask wearing, sanitation and minimising the number of persons carried at any one time.

Is St John still delivering its Community Care services?

All St John Community Care Services are operating under level 2, with the exception of Outreach Therapy Pets, however Community Careers will not be visiting rest homes.

Is the St John Youth programme still running?

We have made the regrettable decision to cancel National Competitions for 2020 as due to timeframes there will not be another opportunity to run these competitions for this year. We understand this is disappointing to the competitors and organisers.

All Auckland divisions from Wellsford to Pukekohe have moved to use the online platform for delivery.

All other divisions around New Zealand may continue to meet but will meet at level 2 guidelines.

Does St John still need donations and what would the funds go towards?

St John is a charity and only part funded by Government. Our charitable status means we continue to need to fundraise throughout the year to ensure our frontline emergency ambulance service has the right equipment and resources to enable St John to be there for all New Zealand communities.

Like many organisations and charities throughout New Zealand, we have been greatly impacted by COVID-19 including direct loses in fundraising and commercial income. We are grateful for the generosity of New Zealanders and organisations who support us with donations, fundraising events and by purchasing St John products and services.

Will first aid be taught in schools?

Awaiting further information – please check back later.