St John Thames is a rural station supporting a vast and varied population within the Waikato/Coromandel. Here in the sunny Coromandel region we have been providing services since 1932, starting with the Thames ambulance division for men. Since then our services, the need for our services, and volunteer numbers have grown substantially.

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Services that we now provide include

Ambulance: Treating ill and injured people in emergency situations and getting them to hospital.

Patient Transfer Services: Transfering people between hospitals so they can receive treatment.

Medical alarms: Giving people back their peace of mind, and allowing them to live a normal life in safety.

Health shuttles: Transporting patients to their health appointments, thus enhancing the accessability of health care, and increasing the wellbeing of our community.

Caring Caller: Allowing people on their own to have a contact with the wider world and the community. Letting them know that someone cares.

Friends of the Emergency Department: Assisting patients and their families whilst in the emergency department when stress levels are high.

Friends of the Hospital: Caring for patients and their families when they are in hospital.

Outreach Therapy Pets: Providing interaction with animals that enable people to give and recieve unconditional love.

First Aid Courses and Kits: Allowing the community to help out in an emergency, giving them the tools and knowledge to save a life.

St John Youth and Cadets: Training our young children in first aid, ensuring they know what to do in an emergency.

and an Opportunity Shop: Providing inexpensive, quality goods and raising funds for St John Thames. Also a great place to find out about our other services.

For more information about our Community Programmes please visit our Facebook page.

Contact St John Thames:

For Thames St John area committee – 07 868 0555

For Thames St John operations office – 07 8680560

For Health Shuttle enquiries -  0800 934 287

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