The Outreach Therapy Pets programme is jointly run by Hato Hone St John and the SPCA. They provide a range of different animals and tailored programmes in the Thames community to enhance the lives of people who are isolated, lonley or otherwise unable to fulfil needs of love and belonging.

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The newest addition to the range of services provided by Hato Hone St John Thames is Outreach Therapy Pets. This service operates extensively in Auckland, with volunteers visiting rest homes, hospitals and schools. The volunteers use their own pet cats, dogs and other animals.

Here in Thames we are just getting started. We have two volunteers, both using dogs, and between them they are visiting the Booms rest home, Parawai school and Thames South school on a regular basis. The visits are hugely appreciated and as a volunteer it is great to see the impact that you and your pet are having.

We have plenty of places waiting for volunteers. The work is extremely rewarding and we only ask for a commitment of one hour per week. The general feeling from volunteers is that their pets love the work too and benefit from it themselves.

If you have an animal that loves people and has a nice temperament please contact

Alice Mathews

027 3887447 or 07 8683048


Working together Hato Hone St John and ASB