A step-by-step guide to help you raise money for St John in the workplace

1. Get the boss on board

Ask a senior member of staff to back your fundraising efforts with company approval, then ask this person to encourage all staff to get involved.

2. Set your target and provide progress reports

Set a realistic fundraising target. Keep track of how you’re doing and display progress for everyone to see - this could be on your intranet, notice board or staff newsletter.

3. Broadcast why you are fundraising for St John

It’s important that your colleagues know St John is a charity. Although we receive some government funding, we have to fundraise every year to make up the difference between funding and actual costs.

4. Choose your fundraising activity

Choose activities that are fun with an element of team building.

5. Motivate, encourage and reward

Organise incentives to get people excited. Award a prize to the person who raises the most cash or create inter-department competition to really raise the stakes. You might be able to ask customers or local businesses for prize donations.

6. Use the publicity machine

By using St John's online fundraising tool you can spread the word through Email, Facebook and Twitter to help publicise your event. Click on the link below to setup your online fundraising site or if you need assistance email St John to help you set up your team pages.

7. Pay in your fundraising proceeds

After all your efforts, there’s still one more thing for you to do - pay in your cash. Don’t forget to let us know your company name. You can even ask your company to match your total raised - many companies readily agree to this, so it’s worth asking.

8. Tell us all about it

Let us know what you did and how much you raised. Your fundraising story might be used in our newsletters to inspire others to fundraise for St John. You can contact us by emailing fundraising@stjohn.org.nz

Use our toolkit to help you get started.
St John has a fundraising toolkit and online fundraising site to help you get started.
Fundraise for St John >>

Do you have a question about fundraising?
If you want to talk to us about your fundraising idea or event, call 0800 ST JOHN (0800 785 646) or send an email to fundraising@stjohn.org.nz


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