Many organisations have purchased these portable lifesavers. However, the 111 emergency service does not know about it, which means that if someone calls 111 we won’t know that there’s an AED nearby to help.

Registering your AED with 111 emergency services will allow Emergency Medical Dispatchers to direct a caller to the nearest AED so that it can be used in a cardiac emergency until an ambulance arrives.

When you register your AED, the information is added to the 111 computer-aided dispatch system (CAD). The information you provide will not be publicly available and will only be used when someone calls 111 from your location.

Knowing where AEDs are located could mean the difference between life and death and we encourage you to register your organisation’s AED.

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Locations of AEDs in New Zealand

Gareth Jenkins is the founder of AED Locations. He has created an online map to show the location of AEDs available for public use throughout New Zealand.

See a map of AED locations >>  

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