When someone has a heart attack (sudden cardiac arrest or SCA), use of an AED can increase their survival chances by up to 40%. Without an AED, chance of survival is only 5 to 8%, even with CPR.

An AED delivers a short, powerful electric shock to the heart, helping the heart to regain its natural rhythm. Modern AEDs, such as the model sold by St John, aren’t complicated or difficult to use. Anyone can quickly learn to use one – you don’t need to be a medical professional.

Features of our AED:

  • Fully portable, lightweight and easy to carry
  • Fastest ‘ready to shock’ time of any product on the market
  • Automatic voice prompts guide the user through the rescue procedure, enabling efficient CPR to be administered in conjunction with AED use
  • Non-automated shock button minimises the risk of accidental shock, to ensure the safety of users and bystanders
  • A guaranteed four-year standby shelf life, which means the defibrillator will be ready to work without maintenance for four years

Servicing and testing AEDs:
In regards to the servicing of the HeartStart AEDs range, it is recommended that a BIT (Battery Insertion Test) is conducted annually. This simply involves opening and reinserting the battery and following any instructions.

No other servicing is required as the unit performs a series of daily, weekly and monthly tests to ensure its readiness for use, and will advise the user of any other maintenance actions via a chirp and flashing light. 
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Who should have an AED?
You should consider purchasing an AED if:

  • you are responsible for ensuring a safe workplace
  • you manage a shopping centre, tourism site, airport, sports centre, school, swimming pool, hospital, golf club, casino or other public place
  • you are the first aider in a corporation or company with 50+ employees

AED training courses
St John runs instructional courses for any group that has, or may have, access to an AED. It will ensure your people will have the confidence to use defibrillators to save lives. Courses can be held at your place or ours. 

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Order an AED
To enquire about purchasing an AED from St John, call us on 0800 347 782 or
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