In Aotearoa New Zealand, almost 2,500 people are treated for cardiac arrest each year. Alongside the community, ambulance services have a strong influence on survival. The Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) Registry Reports are annual scientific reports benchmarking us internationally on resuscitation performance, from community response to advanced life support.

Each year we release three reports: one for Hato Hone St John, one in conjunction with Wellington Free Ambulance, and one for all New Zealand.


Hato Hone St John OHCA Report 2022-2023

All of New Zealand OHCA Report 2022-2023

Wellington Free Ambulance OHCA Report 2022-2023


Hato Hone St John OHCA Report 2021-2022

All of New Zealand OHCA Report 2021-2022

Wellington Free Ambulance OHCA Report 2021-2022


Hato Hone St John OHCA Report 2020-2021

All of New Zealand OHCA Report 2020-2021

Wellington Free Ambulance OHCA Report 2020-2021


Hato Hone St John OHCA Report 2019-2020

All of New Zeland OHCA Report 2019-2020

Wellington Free Ambulance OHCA Report 2019-2020


All of New Zealand OHCA Report 2018-2019

Hato Hone St John OHCA Annual Report 2018-2019

Wellington Free Ambulance OHCA Report 2018-2019

2013/14 - 2017/18

2017-2018 OHCA Annual Report

2016-2017 OHCA Annual Report

2015-2016 OHCA Annual Report

2014-2015 OHCA Annual Report

2013-2014 OHCA Annual Report 

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