Every year thousands of NZ events are attended by Hato Hone St John event volunteers. Are you interested in becoming an events volunteer? Find out what it takes.

While our volunteers come from all walks of life, they're united by a determination to help Hato Hone St John and their local community.

What does an events volunteer do?

As a Hato Hone St John events volunteer, your role is to provide medical services at all kinds of events. At one end of the event spectrum, you could be covering local sports games and school fairs. At the other extreme, it might mean working at an international sporting tournament or rock concert. A professional and customer centric approach is an important component of being an Events volunteer.

You'll work alongside event organisers and other emergency services. You will represent Hato Hone St John in front of the community and you may also liaise with St John ambulance and ambulance communications centre staff.

We will train you to deal with all kinds of emergency medical situations. From dehydration, hypothermia, cuts and bruising right through to sudden cardiac arrest or diabetic coma, an events volunteer needs to be prepared for any scenario.
Specialised training is provided by Hato Hone St John and event volunteers are provided with a full Hato Hone St John uniform. Reimbursements for travel or food costs may also be provided.

What skills and attributes do you need to become an events volunteer?

Hato Hone St John volunteers can provide vital emergency medical services for any event, so it’s important for us to choose people who are happy to serve their community, can provide the highest level of customer service and are be able to maintain a professional demeanour.

Here are the personal characteristics you'll need:

  • good communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills
  • a compassionate and caring nature
  • a motivated approach to learning and training
  • cultural sensitivity
  • pride in personal appearance
  • ability to work under pressure
  • honesty and integrity
  • ability to work as a team member
  • experience in providing high customer service
  • a responsible approach to assignments

You will also need to have:

  • physical strength, fitness and good health (you need to demonstrate you could carry an 80kg person)
  • availability for regular duty and training (you will need to attend at least four hours of event duty and one training session per month)
  • New Zealand citizenship or permanent resident status
  • full New Zealand Driver’s Licence
  • a clean Police record
  • ready access to an internet-capable computer and basic computer skills

In most districts, this role is called a Hato Hone St John operational volunteer and may include work as an ambulance volunteer.

How to apply

Here's what you should do if you’re interested in becoming a Hato Hone St John volunteer at events:

  1. Go to the Hato Hone St John Snap Hire site to view current volunteer opportunities. Apply for volunteer opportunities online...OR...
  2. If you don't see an opportunity in your area, you can still register your details. We will notify you when an opportunity comes up.
    Go to the Snap Hire site >>
  3. Once a vacancy has been advertised and applications reviewed, the selection process involves interviews, physical assessments and reference checks.




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For more information on being an event volunteer, call 0800 ST JOHN (785 646) Monday - Sunday 7am - 7pm,

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