How do I book St John to attend my event?

Complete the online request for event services form. One of our events team will contact you to discuss your event requirements. Alternatively you can call 0800 ST JOHN (785 646) and ask for the events administrator in your region.

What do I need to tell St John when I book my event?

You will need provide this information:

  • Name and date(s) of event
  • Event venue and location
  • Customer name (this is the organisation organising the event)
  • Contact person’s name, mobile number and other contact details
  • Details about the event
  • Event timings – when St John is required at event, actual event start time, event finish time.
    • Note – it is usual practice for St John to arrive 20 to 30 minutes before the event start, to allow time to get settled and briefed as required. This time may increase for larger events.

You should inform St John of the following, if known:

  • Expected participant and/or spectator numbers
  • Person to report to at event, their mobile phone number, reporting location and vehicle parking info
  • Any known risks
  • Cancellation details
  • Purchase order number (if applicable)
How far in advance I should book?

The further in advance you can make your booking, the more likely St John will be able to cover your event. If you leave it until the last minute, we may not be able to attend. Ideally, you would provide from one to two months’ notice for smaller events, and 6 to 12 months’ notice for larger events.

What type and how many St John officers do I need to book for my event?

This will depend on a variety of factors, including the size and type of event, types of risk your event has, number of spectators or participants, location and proximity to nearest hospital. When you contact St John and talk with a member of the events team, they will assess risks and discuss with you the appropriate staffing numbers and mix for your event.

Do I need to book an ambulance for my event?

Depending on the risk assessment, an ambulance may or may not be required. If not required, St John members will bring suitable equipment and supplies with them, or a mobile first aid unit may be supplied. The St John team remains on-site until the conclusion of the event and the St John Ambulance Service will be used to transport any patients off-site, if required.

Our event has specific requirements. Can St John adapt and cover these?

St John is used to adapting to customer requirements and is well-equipped with staff, equipment and vehicles to provide alternative options. We will endeavour to provide appropriate services for your event.

I thought I booked my event using your online booking system. Why do you now say it is not booked?

Registering your event through our online facility does not automatically mean that you have made a booking. It is a request to determine whether St John can cover your event. We need to ensure we have resources available to cover all events. Someone will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your requirements and our ability to cover your event, or you can contact 0800 ST JOHN (785 646) and ask for the events team in your area.

Why do I need to pay for St John to attend my event? I thought St John was a charity.

St John provides medical services to events for a fee. Providing event services has a cost. Despite using volunteers for some events, there are many unseen costs incurred, such as uniforms, training, supplies, equipment and vehicle costs.

My event is being staffed by St John volunteers. Why do I need to pay St John?

St John provides medical services to events for a fee. Despite using volunteers for some events, there are still costs in providing these services, such as uniforms, training, supplies, equipment and vehicle costs.

What are the prices for St John officers and vehicles?

The price varies depending on the qualification level(s) of the St John member(s) requested and the type of vehicle provided. Your local St John representative can discuss pricing with you.

Why do we need to sign the quote and send it back to confirm the booking?

In order to allocate resources, we must be certain that our services are needed.  A signed quote serves as the required confirmation.

Why have I been charged a late fee?

Our resource allocation is done as much in advance as possible. When we are informed of events at the last minute, we need to re-allocate resources to cover the event.

Do I need to pay in advance?

Most event customers do not need to pay in advance. The invoice will be sent out after the event and payment is due within 30 days. In some situations event customers may be asked to pay a deposit in advance, particularly for large events.

Why have I been charged a late cancellation fee?

St John has a general policy that if customers provide less than 24 hours’ notice that an event is cancelled, a late cancellation fee will be charged. The notification timeframe may increase for larger events.

Once a quote is confirmed and resources are allocated, a cost has been incurred.  If an event is cancelled and St John is only notified at the last minute, we must stand down resources which have already been deployed and there is a cost for this. Please ensure you notify St John in sufficient time if your event is cancelled.

Who pays if someone is transferred to a hospital or medical centre from an event?

If the patient’s condition is caused by an accident, the cost of the transfer will be covered by ACC. St John will complete and submit the appropriate paperwork for this and the patient will receive a copy.

If the patient’s condition is not due to an accident, the patient pays for the transfer.

The event organiser is not required to pay for transfers to hospital.

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