Thank you for choosing St John for your first aid training.

Thank you for choosing St John for your first aid training.

 Payment Terms:

  • Public courses are invoiced upon booking. For on-account invoices: Full payment for all courses is due by the 20th of the following month after the invoice date, or by the first course date – whichever is sooner.
  • Private courses are invoiced on the day after the course. Full payment for all courses is due by the 20th of the following month after the invoice date.

 Refund Policy:

 Public Courses:

  • We do not offer refunds. This includes cancellations and non-attendance on the day of the course.
    • You may change your course booking to another date and/or venue online for free up to 5 days before a course start date.
    • You may change your course booking to another date and/or venue online up to 24 hours before a course start date, an admin fee may be charged.
  • Rebookings within 24 hours of the course need to be made by calling 0800 FIRST AID.  Changes made on the day of the course may be charged in full again at our discretion.

 Private (client) courses:

  • Cancellations MUST be advised in writing to the admin team who set your course up.
  • A course cancelled in writing within 10 working days or less of the start date will be charged at 50% of the course price.
  • A date change 5 working days or less before a confirmed booking is considered a cancellation and a re-booking. Cancellation fees/terms apply - 50% of the course price will be charged.
  • A course cancelled on the day will be charged the full course price. Costs may include any agreed additional travel or accommodation expenses incurred by St John to deliver the course.


Upgrades such as from First Aid Level 1 to First aid level 2, OR First aid refresher to First Aid level 1 or 2, must be within 3 months of the initial booking. For clarity, the attendance must be within 3 months, not just the booking.


Due to circumstances out of our control it is sometimes necessary to cancel courses at short notice. St John reserves the right to cancel courses at its sole discretion. St John will take all reasonable steps to inform you of any cancellation as soon as possible. St John will not be responsible for any costs incurred due to course cancellation. Course bookings will be transferred to another event date as agreed with you.

 Price guarantee

The price paid for goods and services purchased through any St John website will be the price at the time order is confirmed. St John is under no obligation to honour pricing on uncompleted, declined, or otherwise incomplete transactions where that pricing varies from current advertised pricing on our website, or where the pricing is the result of an error on our part or the part of our suppliers, partners or agencies.

 English Language Requirement:

The course and assessments are conducted in English. In order to receive a certificate and / or the relevant unit standards you are required to pass written, verbal and practical assessments which are conducted in English. If you are unable to do so you will be deemed not competent and will not receive a certificate or the unit standards available.

In some circumstances, it may be appropriate for a learner to bring a support person to assist their learning. If you require further information, please contact St John prior to the course.

 Students booking on a First Aid Refresher Course

We are required to ensure students are eligible for First Aid Refresher training.  The First Aid Refresher course is only available to students, who have previously attended a First Aid Level 1/First Aid Level 2/First Aid Refresher course or the equivalent, completed within the last 2 years. If you previously completed training with another provider, you are required to either send in a copy of your current certificate or, bring it along with you to your course to prove eligibility. Your tutor is required to sight this document.

If you are unable to produce your certificate or proof of your eligibility for a first aid refresher course, you will not receive a certificate on the day.  If you send proof within 5 days of attending the course, your certificate will be released.

Rebooks for first aid refreshers due to inability to meet eligibility requirements must be within 3 months of existing booking, AND must comply within the existing course expiry and grace period timeframes.

 Learning difficulties, Disabilities and Physical Requirements:

If you have a learning difficultly, disability or an illness, which you feel may affect your performance during the course, please contact us on 0800 FIRST AID to discuss this prior to the course commencement date. 


Our face to face courses are practical and involve groupwork.  You will be required to demonstrate to the tutor that you are physically able to perform set first aid tasks in simulated emergency situations. If you are unable to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the floor long enough for the tutor to assess competency, then you may not meet the requirements for a St John Certificate and/or the unit standards (if applicable).

 Online courses contain no formal assessment, and are not eligible for NZQA unit standards. The St John Online First Aid is not eligible for face-to-face First Aid Refreshers.

 Course Attendance:

Courses must start on time. Students that arrive more than 15 minutes late may be refused entry. No refunds will be provided to late attendees but bookings may be rescheduled at our discretion.

You are required to attend the entire course to meet requirements for certification. Please do not schedule appointments during the class hours or you may not obtain your certificate.


You will receive an email request for feedback via a survey after your course. Any complaints will be dealt with confidentially and every effort made to come to a satisfactory resolution. If you have a complaint regarding your course, tutor, assessment or venue, please discuss with your tutor at the time, or depending on the nature of the complaint or compliment write to one of the following contacts in order as listing below:

  • National Head of Training: St John, PO Box 1443, Christchurch 814

Then if needing to progress further:

  • New Zealand Qualifications Authority: PO Box 160, Wellington                       

General information:

 Smoking: St John has a smoke-free work environment.

 Sexual/Racial Discrimination or Harassment

Sexual/Racial harassment and/or discrimination are unlawful and will not be tolerated by St John. Students who feel they have been discriminated against or harassed by a fellow student or St John staff member should contact the National Head of Training.

  • National Head of Training: St John, PO Box 1443, Christchurch 8140

 Alcohol and Drugs: St John reserves the right to refuse to teach a student if it suspects that they either have consumed, are under the influence of, or are in possession of alcohol or drugs during course hours.

 Crèche: There are no baby/child minding facilities available.  Children and babies are not permitted in the classroom in any of the courses including child first aid.

 Attendee Minimum Age:

  • On First Aid courses, we invite attendees who are 14 years or older, unless by prior arrangement with a regional Training Delivery Manager
  • On Mental Health First Aid courses, we invite anyone who is 18 years or over to attend.

 Attendee Covid Vaccination Status

  • St John Training will work under the colour codes of the COVID -19 Protection Framework (traffic light system),  (Red/Orange/Green) as determined by Ministry of Health.
  • Requirements around contact tracing, mask wearing, and social distancing may also apply depending on the protection framework that we are working under. Attendees should be prepared to wear a mask.
  • We are sorry, but St John cannot accept mask exemptions as we are covered by the health mandate.


 Updated 01/04/2022 (GW)