St John ambulance people include ambulance officers and emergency medical dispatchers. Some are paid, many are volunteers, all of them are suitably trained

Emergency medical dispatchers

While ambulance officers are the most public face of Hato Hone St John, the Ambulance Communications Centres are an essential component of our service. The centres are staffed by emergency medical dispatchers, who take calls and co-ordinate help.

Ambulance officers

All St John ambulance officers receive on-going clinical training from Hato Hone St John. Our clinical training is constantly being reviewed and aligned to national and international clinical practices.

There are seven different uniform patches that are worn on the sleeve. The seven patches are:

  • First Responder
  • Emergency Medical Assistant
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Paramedic
  • Extended Care Paramedic
  • Intensive Care Paramedic
  • Doctor

The numbers tell a story

While some of our people are paid employees, many more are unpaid volunteers who work for Hato Hone St John in their free time. All of them are trained, to ensure we consistently provide a high level of care.

Patients treated or transported by ambulance officers


Clinical paid personnel (FTE)


Clinical volunteers (headcount)


Total volunteers (headcount)


Total paid personnel (headcount)


Emergency incidents attended


Ambulance and operational vehicles


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