Information for Patients

When an ambulance officer sees and treats you, you may notice them typing on a tablet computer. They are using the ePRF system to record what they are doing. It provides a more complete and much easier to read record than hand-written paper notes.

The ePRF system allows us to provide you with better care if we've seen you before. Ambulance officers can access details of any previous call-outs, which could make the difference between you having to go to hospital or being able to stay at home.

If we do have to take you to hospital or medical centre then having your information in electronic form means we can speed up your handover and get them looking after you faster. We can even let a hospital know electronically that you're on the way, so they can prepare for your arrival.

The information collected in ePRF, with your personal details removed, is joined with that from other patients to help us train our staff, analyse our performance and plan for the future.

Sometimes the ePRF system isn't available, so Ambulance Officers will hand write your details on a paper form instead of on a tablet. This information may later be keyed in to the ePRF system.

What is the Ambulance Care Summary Advice Sheet?

If we don't take you anywhere in the ambulance, then the Ambulance Officer may give you an "Ambulance Care Summary Advice Sheet" (ACS Sheet).

This records the Ambulance Officer's advice to you and tells you how to access the full Ambulance Care Summary (ACS).

You, your GP, or anyone else you trust, can access your ACS by clicking here. You will be asked to enter the 10-character code (from the ACS sheet) and your date of birth.

If you make five unsuccessful attempts, you will be locked out of the website for 10 minutes; try again after that.

You can access the record this way for up to one week; after that, or if you have any problems or questions, please contact Hato Hone St John

How does St John use my Health Information?

Please refer to our Privacy Notice for information on the collection, storage, use and sharing of your Health Information.

How can I access my Health Information held by St John?

Please refer to our Privacy Notice for information on accessing information we hold about you.

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