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St John supports national paramedic registration. 

Registration would give paramedics a similar professional standing to other health sector groups, such as nurses, physiotherapists and pharmacists.  It would integrate paramedics further into the wider health sector, and ensure only those with relevant qualifications, training and clinical hours are entitled to use the title ‘paramedic’.  

However, it is important not to confuse registration with regulation.  St John paramedics are already highly regulated; they are required to hold a relevant qualification (Bachelor of Health Science in Paramedicine or equivalent), and meet strict internal safety, quality and audit standards, as well as obligations safeguarded in St John’s agreements with the Ministry of Health.

The public can be assured that their trust in the expertise, professional and safety standards of St John paramedic care is well placed. 

-       Please attribute this statement to Norma Lane, St John Director of Clinical Operations.

NB St John was not involved in the writing of this paper so refers you to the authors of The New Zealand Medical Journal article for further information and comment.




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