Amy Milne |

Hato Hone St John’s thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this morning’s major incident in Auckland’s CBD.

We can confirm we were notified of the incident at a construction site on Queen Street at 7.20am today.

Hato Hone St John responded with five ambulances, four rapid response vehicles, four manager vehicles, a Command Unit and a Major Incident Support Team Unit.

We have erected our Major Incident tent to triage patients that have minor injuries.

To date six patients have been treated and transported to hospital. Five patients have been transported to Auckland Hospital - one in a serious condition and four in moderate conditions and one other patient in a serious condition has been transported to Middlemore Hospital.

Two more patients - one in a moderate condition and one in a minor condition are currently being treated at the scene.

Hato Hone St John is anticipating more patients to present over the next hour.

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