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A new Hato Hone St John Health Shuttle is ready to support Hawke’s Bay, thanks to a generous donation by a consortium of Chinese businesswomen in New Zealand.

The Health Shuttle, a koha-based community service that transports people to health-related visits and then brings them home again, has been donated to Waipukurau by the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women of New Zealand (GFCBWNZ) – its fifth donation to Hato Hone St John in eight years.

The GFCBWNZ first donated a Specialist Emergency Response Team (SERT) vehicle to Auckland in 2015. In 2017 and 2019, the GFCBWNZ donated two Rapid Response Units to Auckland. In 2021, it donated a First Response Unit, a smaller and more agile vehicle built to handle New Zealand’s rural and remote communities, to Kaikohe, Northland.

Jeanette Horan, Hato Hone St John’s Fundraising Manager for North Island, says the new Health Shuttle will make a positive difference in Waipukurau and for its residents who are still recovering from the impact of floods and Cyclone Gabrielle.

“We are very grateful for GFCBWNZ’s continued support over the years. The vehicles its members have kindly donated over the years have all gone on to make a meaningful difference to the communities they serve.

“This new Health Shuttle for Hawke’s Bay will help communities who have suffered so much. Our Health Shuttles allow us to take care of their whānau and ensure they reach their health appointments and return back home safely and on time.”

Angel Yu, GFCBWNZ Chairwoman, says GFCBWNZ has been in continuous alliance with Hato Hone St John for many years.

“We make a biennial vehicle donation to St John. When we heard that Hawke's Bay is in need of a vehicle, we were determined to make this happen. It is important for our organisation that rural regions are well supported and have easy access to healthcare to minimise health inequities and improve health outcomes.

“In light of the recent natural disasters, we hope our donation will be of help to lessen the burden on the community and their whānau.”

The new Health Shuttle will be honoured in a dedication ceremony on Thursday 30 March in Auckland. 




Notes to editor:

  • The dedication ceremony is scheduled for 10.30am-12pm, Thursday 30 March at St John Archives, 2a Pacific Rise, Mt Wellington, Auckland 1060
  • Image of a Hato Hone St John Health Shuttle attached
  • Read more online about Hato Hone St John's Health Shuttles
  • For further information, please contact
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