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Hato Hone St John is bolstering ambulance resources within the Tairawhiti district in preparation for an adverse weather event expected to hit the region in the coming days.

 Within days of ex-tropical cyclone Hale saturating the East Cape, another weather event is due to pass through the area, bringing gale force winds and heavy rainfall that may result in further damage to the district’s already under pressure infrastructure.

 Hato Hone St John District Operations Manager Central East District Jeremy Gooders says responding to weather events has become “business as usual” for the ambulance service and advance warning means we are able to deploy resources in areas that are likely to be most affected.

 In preparation for the upcoming weather event, Mr Gooders says additional resources are being deployed to Tairawhiti prior to the weather warning coming into force to ensure ambulance resources are in a “state of operational readiness” in the event the area becomes isolated.

 “Hato Hone St John is deploying a command unit and welfare unit close to the Ruatoria station, with additional satellite communication equipment. We are also placing an additional paramedic into the area with a 4WD vehicle as well as a specialist radio technician with additional communications equipment should it be needed,” Mr Gooders says.

 Mr Gooders says Hato Hone St John is anticipating adverse weather events will continue to become more commonplace and has measures in place to reach people who are cut off in an emergency.

 People can do several things to keep themselves safe and well during adverse weather events. These include:

  • Ensuring their prescription medications are filled and up to date in case they do become isolated or cut off due to slips or flooding.
  • People should keep in contact with their local health provider if they do become unwell and phone 111 in an emergency.
  • Look out for your neighbours and check in on them, particularly elderly or those who live alone.
  • Follow any updates from the local emergency management organisation.

 Please attribute to Hato Hone St John District Operations Manager Central East Jeremy Gooders

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