St John launches new community service

Alena Lynch |

Caring Caller
St John is launching a new community service in Invercargill, Bluff and Riverton known as Caring Caller and is looking for volunteers who can spare a small amount of time on a regular basis.

Caring Caller is a community programme that offers support and friendship to people who would otherwise be vulnerable to becoming lonely and cut off from their community.

Caring Caller volunteers make contact by telephone at a time that is mutually agreed to by both them and their client.

St John Community Care Manager Pam Hall says the service is operating very successfully in other parts of the country and is seen as a positive intervention.

“There are people who are vulnerable, lonely and find it difficult to get out into their community,” says Mrs Hall.

“Caring Caller helps to prevent people becoming isolated.  It is a friendship programme and I encourage people to volunteer for this new service.”

Caring Caller volunteers do not replace family members, friends or neighbours but the service can be helpful when these people might be away on holiday or unable to visit or call on a regular basis.

 “St John provides full training and a supportive environment and I encourage people interested in Caring Caller to contact us to find out more about this exciting venture.”

People interested in learning more about Caring Caller should contact St John Invercargill administrator Nicki Eustace on 211 3041 or email

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