Media Update - St John Response to Earthquake - (4.30pm, 15 Nov)


Media Update - 4.30pm, 15 November 2016
St John Response to Earthquake

As of 16.30 this afternoon St John is standing down its National Crisis Coordination Centre (NCCC) overnight but will continue to manage the situation and affected areas from its Emergency Operations Centre in Christchurch. 

A national on-call team will remain available and if anything significant develops overnight, the NCCC will be re-activated.  NCCC will be in operation again from 0800 tomorrow morning (Wednesday 16 November) and a decision will be made about the ongoing requirements for NCCC going forward.

St John has 22 personnel on the ground in Kaikoura including local Kaikoura staff. Ambulance officers and managers were helicoptered in to relieve crews and deliver supplies earlier today. 

St John’s workload in other parts of New Zealand is at normal levels, despite heavy rain causing complications and road closures around the country.

St John advises people to have their phones, medicines and emergency kits with them and to keep in contact with family and friends.  Please refer to Civil Defence website and Civil Defence in your region for local instructions.

Authorised by St John National Controller Stuart Cockburn

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