One week on: St John reflects on the courage and commitment of first responders


On Friday 15 March 2019, St John responded to one of New Zealand’s worst mass casualty incidents, responding over 50 staff to triage, treat and transport dozens of patients whose injuries ranged from minor through to those with critical gun-shot wounds. There were 50 fatalities.

Emergency medical resources were brought in from around the country to provide support for our staff who responded to this major incident.

The outstanding courage and commitment of all St John people shone through during this harrowing incident and continues to do so as New Zealand deals with this tragedy.

Chief Executive Officer Peter Bradley says St John responders were under inconceivable pressure as they carried out their jobs, doing much more than could be asked of them.

“I could not be prouder of every St John 111 call handler, dispatcher, operational manager, frontline crew member and volunteer and the strength and commitment they have shown in the face of this adversity”.

A week on and the effects of this devastating event have not diminished and will continue well into the future.

Peter Bradley says this will impact everyone in different ways and at different times and St John has a range of support arrangements in place to help all those involved.

“We will ensure our people are surrounded by all they need for as long as they need it”.

St John has witnessed an outpouring of love from the courageous and brave people of Christchurch, and throughout all New Zealand.

We are so grateful for the food that has been dropped off, the messages that are flowing in social media and the hugs and words of thanks that greet us in the street.

It is in times of crisis that we come together to support and care for each other and our thoughts go out to all New Zealand.


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