Sam the Ambulance helping children

Alena Lynch |

Volunteer ambulance officer Francine Currie knows how important an ambulance service is in her community and is passionate about the work she does helping others in need.

Francine has being in many different situations, caring for people of all ages.  One thing she has observed as an ambulance officer is the anxiety that some children have of ambulances.

“Children are in general very brave but there are times when they can be unsure or scared when they need an ambulance,” says Francine.

“Children are already in a vulnerable situation when they need an ambulance so the more we can help them overcome their fear, the better it will be.”

For this reason Francine has written a series of three children’s books, featuring Sam the Ambulance.  Sam the Ambulance, Sam and the Helicopter Paramedic and Sam Goes To Rugby are all written for a young audience, helping to eliminate myths about the ambulance service and how ambulance officers are there to help others.

Beautifully illustrated by Paula Cunniffe, the books are available for purchase by going to or emailing Francine at

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