St John safety tips for marathons and fun runs

Nicki Russell |

St John safety tips for marathons and fun runs

(Comments can be attributed to St John Medical Director, Dr Tony Smith)

Ensure you have done adequate training before stepping up to the start line to help prevent muscle cramps.

  • Dress appropriately for the weather including good shoes and sun protection.
  • Take advantage of water stations to keep your hydration levels up – but don’t over hydrate.  Your water intake should be governed by thirst.
  • If you get a stitch, stop running or slow down to give your body a chance to recover.
  • Stay alert for potential dangers on the course and this includes traffic and people not participating in the event.
  • Be aware of warning signs, such as extreme tiredness and cramp.
  • If you stop sweating, get help immediately.
  • If the St John volunteers are concerned about your wellbeing, listen to them.
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