St John’s Supporter Scheme prices will be raised slightly from today, 1 December 2019.  St John has kept subscription fees at a minimum since the last increase almost four years ago but increasing operating costs means the pricing plan is no longer sustainable.

The average cost of an ambulance call out to St John has risen almost 10 percent in the last few years, to $670.00, including GST. Patients who are treated by St John ambulance officers in a medical emergency (non-accident-related call outs) are asked to pay a part charge of $98.00, including GST, to help cover the shortfall. By joining the St John Supporter Scheme, individuals and families receive free emergency ambulance cover, with an annual subscription fee.

The small price increase will affect all three Supporter Schemes plans as follows: The Individual scheme will increase from $50 to $55; the Joint scheme will increase from $65 to $75; the Household/family scheme will increase from $80 to $90.

The scheme remains excellent value for money, particularly for regular patients and families.

“Although we have had to raise the subscription fees, it is still far less than a single emergency ambulance part charge of $98, so the Supporter Scheme continues to offer great value to our members,” says Pete Loveridge, St John Director of Customers and Supporters.

“Many individuals and families depend on our emergency ambulance service multiple times a year, therefore signing up to our Supporter Scheme gives them peace of mind, knowing that we will be there for them in their time of need without the concern of being billed for each call out.”

All existing Supporter Scheme customers (those expiring on or after 1 December, 2019) have been notified of the new pricing plan in their standard renewal and expiry letters and emails.

The new rates have also been updated on our website at and will appear automatically when renewing online, as well as in all customer collateral that mentions the Supporter Scheme pricing.




Beverley Tse

St John Communications Advisor

M 0273181553


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