St John’s Ebola virus disease preparedness

Robyn Bern |

We are working with the Ministry of Health and our District Health Board partners about the situation and our response. This is to ensure that our clinical teams and ambulance officers are updated with the latest information on interaction with, and transportation of, patients who are suspected of having Ebola virus disease.

All of our ambulance staff have access to personal protective equipment (PPE) which is used in the event they are working with any patient with a suspected infectious disease. St John has adequate supplies of PPE to be able to deal with our response to Ebola virus disease.
We have a team of 40 specialist CBR (chemical, biological and radiation) staff who have been briefed and who are trained and equipped for high levels of biological hazards. These staff will be utilised whenever possible re suspected cases and would be the initial response.

If a patient was suspected of having Ebola virus then we will work very closely with the Medical Office of Health and relevant DHB infectious diseases specialists to determine the appropriate treatment pathway for the patient.

St John practices and prepares regularly for situations like this, and this practice includes working with health authorities and the teams at our international airports.
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