Stolen Dunedin Ambulance

Victoria Hawkins |

Late last night a St John ambulance crew responded to a call for emergency assistance in South Dunedin.

While attending to the patient at a residential address their ambulance was stolen.

“It is reprehensible that while our ambulance officers were providing essential clinical care to a patient someone would steal their ambulance. There was complete disregard for the consequences of their actions and for the patient they were caring for,” said St John Southland District Operations Manager Pauline Buchanan.

“It is fortunate that the patient was able to be treated at the scene and did not require transportation and there were no further calls for ambulance assistance during this time as this could have potentially impacted one of our patients.”

St John is grateful for the swift response by Police to the theft of our ambulance and apprehending the offender who stole it.

We understand that the ambulance has sustained considerable damage so will be off the road for repairs, putting it out of action as an emergency resource.

St John continues to support the Police in their investigation.

 -    Please attribute to St John Southland District Operations Manager Pauline Buchanan



Gerard Campbell

St John South Island Region Communications Advisor

M 027 567 2083


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