Westmount School smashes fundraising goal for St John

Robbie Walker |

On Friday 4th December Westmount National Prefects Levi Murray and Aza Powell will present St John with the fundraising efforts from Westmount School.

Westmount School has exceeded its $100,000 target for fundraising this year with a grand total of $125,000, benefiting their chosen charity St John.

The schools’ 16 campuses individually fundraised for St John through various initiatives such as cake stalls, selling whitebait and washing cars.

Although the students worked collaboratively nationally on sharing ideas and initiatives there was also great competition between campuses. A specially developed website enabled each campus to see how they compared with the other campuses nationally.

Westmount School National Events Co-ordinator, Jason Clare, said the campuses competed to raise the most which really increased the fundraising ideas and enthusiasm. “This has been a student led initiative and we are very proud of them. It’s an extremely exciting result which will benefit all New Zealanders through the invaluable services St John provides to local communities,” Jason Clare explained.

The five campuses at the top of the leader board were:

1st PLACE: Manawatu Campus - raised 235.5% of their goal with a grand total of $22,358. They ran raffles, cake stalls and sausage sizzles and contacted local businesses.

2nd PLACE: Kaipara Campus - raised 176% of their goal raising a total of $21,117 through committing themselves to washing cars, frying sausages and participating in competitions in which people paid upon entry.

3rd PLACE: West Coast Campus - raised 170.2% of their goal reaching a grand total of $5107. Each of the students got involved with a ‘Bob a Job’ incentive, where each of the children worked towards a goal of raising $75, including selling fresh whitebait and babysitting the local children.

4th PLACE: Auckland Campus - raised 138.6% of their goal meaning they donated a grand total of $15,247. Fundraising ideas included in-school competitions and mowing lawns.

5th PLACE: Taranaki Campus - raised 123.4% of their goal totalling $11,110. This was achieved through hosting exquisite sit up meals, cake stalls to the local communities and running auctions.

St John Head of Fundraising Glen Hill said Westmount’s effort surpassed all expectations.

“It is exceptional to see a student fundraising effort reach levels like this. As a charity St John relies on organisations such as Westmount for support. We will be looking to put these funds towards buying lifesaving equipment for our ambulances,” Hill said.

For further enquiries:

Robbie Walker - St John Senior Communications Advisor National & Northern Region

M: 027 290 9764

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